1/6th scale exact replicas of your classic arcade favorites

Centipede Upright Cabinet


 Bring Home 12-inch Playscale Arcade Action! This premium sixth scale arcade cabinet is fully playable using the original control scheme and officially licensed by Atari™. Replicade x Centipede features a custom-made smooth rolling Trak-ball with adjustable sensitivity settings and modern gamepad quality. This is the way Centipede was meant to be played! 

Tempest Upright Cabinet


 RepliCade x Tempest shares the same features of the original Tempest cabinet, including an arcade Spinner control, Fire, and Superzapper buttons, all in sixth scale. 

If you missed out on one of the original 26,112 upright Tempest cabinets Atari originally produced, now is your chance to own a piece of arcade history.